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From Aunt Maggie's Table

zero waste
Why: Reduced waste, increased sustainability is simply good for the environment. But we're also making it better for ...
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prawn lentil fritters
This recipe is by Turban Chopsticks, you can find their amazing range of Meal Kits in stores now! ...
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seed bars
Auntie's Puffed Rice & Hemp Seed Bars! The perfect seed bar for the lunch box! Wholegrain rice to ...
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Vanilla fish sauce
This recipe is from Very Vanilla, view the original recipe and more here. "Looking for a lifestyle change, ...
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Fennel infused water
It's been a hot week here in Melbourne! If you know you're not a water drinker try this ...
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Coconut Cupcakes
A sweet yet healthy twist on your usual cupcake by KADAC. These are perfect for kids going back ...
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