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From Aunt Maggie's Table

Chia Puddings
If you're tired of the same old breakfast in the morning try these! The chia seeds are a ...
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Eat Seasonally
Before the rise of the chain of supermarkets, seasonal eating wasn't a choice, it was just apart of ...
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Spring Pea Soup-01
This is a delightfully light, fresh, springy sort of pea soup. You could even serve it cold on ...
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Milk Alternatives
Need an alternative to dairy? Not a fan of Soy milk in your morning hot cuppa? We are ...
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Cheddar Salad
When apples are almost out of season how can you not just eat them all day like we ...
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Vegan Mushroom Pasta
Health highlights of mushrooms: A new and surprising find in the world of mushrooms is that, like humans, ...
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